Tonal Shop
"Where technology meets craftsmanship"

At Tonal we merge technology, crafts and contemporary design with the purpose of creating collections that generate a connection with our local design culture.


Each object contributes to the preservation of the national heritage by helping artisan families who live of their ancestral crafts.

Custom Lighting

We support architects and designers in the creation of contract projects, we develop their ideas and align them with our identity and philosophy.

We are a strategic ally in hospitality, restaurant and residential projects, we accompany the designer in the following design stages:

• Concept development
• Choice of craftsmen and specialized techniques in the object to be developed.
• Prototyping, choice of materials and investigation of special supplies.
• High technology and durability in the components.
• High volume production for CONTRACT projects or unique and special objects with few units.

Social Commitment

Within our philosophy is the support of national crafts, we dedicate special time to the investigation of ancestral techniques and supplies of Colombian origin.

It is our commitment to the artisan communities to support, accompany, innovate and develop contemporary products that generate openness to new ideas of co-design, where the world can know what our Colombian families do and preserve their knowledge for future generations.


Phone/Whatsapp: +573123630473


Bogotá, Colombia